How do i find my own mobile phone number


Check your Own Mobile Number USSD code

If you get your new Virgin Mobile phone online, give us a shout at once you've got your hands on it and we'll move your number. What do I do? Some people being smart, they give a miss call or send SMS to another number to identify their own number. It is valid everywhere! Thank you for making the process so easy. Thanks PhoneNumberGuy.

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How do I find my number on an Android phone?

Others SIMs could work only if they have any collaboration with the above operators. So as per your saying, Idea sim might not work there. Hope this info helps you. Hi Need a help to find the sim number of Aircel. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

How to find out your own phone number

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How can I find my own mobile number?

Thank U. Rehan April 5, Dear it's very useful. Thanks to Santosh. Anirudh May 7, Thanks I just made tashan in front of my BOSS and made him happy.. Gautam Mpg May 23, Thnx. Its help me a lot. Sathish May 23, Thanks guys Vijay June 30, how to find sim address. Rahul July 3, Idea the given no. Thank you for sharing the post!

When choosing a phone number, there are a few hoops that you must jump through first, including paying a fee that can prove pretty expensive. A gold phone number is a rare phone number that usually costs a fair bit to create, and is offered by the three big telcos — Telstra, Vodafone and Optus. Up to six digits of your phone number can usually be customised, including six of the same digit in a row i.

As you can see, the three big telcos tend to charge quite a bit for a gold phone number, but to some this may be worth it. There are four main phone providers that are known to allow customers to choose their own number. However, Telstra is generally the most expensive option when choosing your own phone number. Telstra provides two tiers of premium, customisable numbers — Silver and Gold. Generally these options are reserved for postpaid customers rather than prepaid.

After that, they generally fall into the two categories mentioned above and will include combinations such as six or five of the same number, six or five numbers in a sequence, triplets and number pairs. The upfront fees are:.

2nd Number

If you have a new phone line or just don't know your number since you never personally call it, you may ask, "So, how can I find my phone. Whether you have a new number or you need someone to write it down, here is a guide on how to find your own phone number in Android or.

Small Plan. Medium Plan. Large Plan. Choosing another mobile number with Vodafone is a relatively easy, albeit a potentially expensive procedure. If you already have a Vodafone plan, you can dial from your phone and follow the prompts.

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Silver numbers generally allow less customisation, while with Gold you obviously have more options.