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Emphasis added. Please note this is only for a conviction of manufacturing or distributing a controlled substance , and the FHA does not address arrests without convictions or possession charges. When it comes to credit reports, a blanket refusal for credit scores less than a certain level may not survive a disparate impact challenge. This is especially true if the prospective tenants, regardless of their credit scores, meet the threshold income requirement for obtaining housing within the area.

The law should not be construed to mean or imply that community associations cannot continue screening new residents. In fact, the board of directors of a community association has a fiduciary duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of the members and association property.

Appropriate new resident screening likely falls within that fiduciary duty. But associations must ensure its screening policies do not violate federal or Florida law.

Community associations should consult with an experienced attorney to determine whether its current new resident screening policies and procedures need to be revised in order to avoid potential disparate impact claims. Jackson St. If you are not an existing client of Jimerson Birr, P.

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The other surprising aspect is that someone with a criminal record can in theory in the line of authority;; no two members of a same family be on the board. When running a background check, a homeowners association will obtain a a member and agree to be bound by the HOA's rules upon buying your home.

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Audited financial statements if the association is required to prepare reviewed financial statements. You should download and complete the form prior to attending the service centre. A multicondominium association may elect, by a majority vote of the collective members of the condominiums operated by the association, to operate the condominiums as a single condominium for purposes of insurance matters, including, but not limited to, the purchase of the property insurance required by this section and the apportionment of deductibles and damages in excess of coverage. In addition, PIPA also provides individuals with the right to access their own personal information. Then the next property management company was so happy to get a big account, that they were unwilling to call anybody out on the carpet.

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What Does a Condo Association Look for in a Background Check?

Professional Development Alternative Fee Arrangements. Firm Awards Connected. Franchising Small Business. Some of the information contained in your background report, such as arrest records, are on file as public records that are accessible to anyone. Other data, such as your financial information, is private. You have the right to keep your personal information private, so an HOA can't run a background check on you without your permission. Remember, however, that an HOA can make submitting to a background check a requirement of joining the community.

Community Association Life: Can a felon serve on association board?

You can refuse to submit to a background check, but doing so may bar you from moving in. Under California and several other state's laws, an HOA can't arbitrarily decide who to run a background check on or what criteria applicants must meet. In order to deny you based on information found in your background check, the HOA must have a written bylaw that specifies the criteria for inclusion to or exclusion from the community.

The rule is further required to be reasonable and may not conflict with any other HOA bylaws or declarations.


Homeowners and tenants should obtain a copy of the HOA rules and bylaws before consenting to a background check. This information should tell you whether the HOA will accept you or not. The federal government's Fair Housing Act makes it illegal for an HOA to deny a person membership based on their race, color, religion, sex, familial status or national origin. Although it's easy to overlook, this statute means that an HOA must tread carefully when denying someone entry as a result of a criminal history.

Courts have upheld the idea that denying HOA membership based on the fact that a criminal record exists can be tantamount to racial discrimination under the Fair Housing Act. In order to ensure safe communities and to comply with the law, HOAs often set very specific policies for the type of criminal issues that bar membership.

Community Association Life: Can a felon serve on association board?

In most cases, an arrest alone isn't enough to deny you. Most HOAs count only convictions against you. HOAs will also take into account the severity of the offense. Likewise, a misdemeanor may pass while a felony may raise red flags. You do have the right to sue the HOA if they deny you membership after a background check and you feel the decision was discriminatory.

When a condo association board member gets unruly

Before you do, however, decide if you truly want to live in a community you feel is discriminatory, even if the court says you can. Michelle has a knack for tackling tough topics and making them simple.

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