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2020 Best Online Colleges in North Carolina

CSU's department faculty pages provide professor backgrounds and contact information for students who want to connect before the term begins! Photo Caption: CSU San Bernardino offers a criminal justice program that starts in the fall, winter, and summer, so you can complete your degree as quickly as you want! Southeast Missouri State University offers a hands-on BS in Criminal Justice where students will be able to analyze and track contemporary issues within the criminal justice system, and develop creative solutions.

The Department of Criminal Justice and Sociology provide undergraduate students with experienced, professional faculty members.

Criminal Justice Undergraduate Plan*

Earning an online criminal justice degree in North Carolina can help you develop the skills and knowledge necessary to take advantage of. Criminal Justice. Western Carolina University Criminal Justice. North Carolina Central University. BAC Criminal Justice (Applied Organization Management).

Photo Caption: Southeast Missouri State University not only teaches students about criminal justice, they also help students find their dream career when they're approaching graduation. The University of Nebraska at Omaha offers an online, credit hour BS in Criminology and Criminal Justice where students can take other comprehensive core curriculum such as English and Sociology while earning their degrees.

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GCD's M. The Bachelor of Science degree requires students to take additional coursework in a social science, such as psychology, political science or sociology. Less than 5 percent! Every FIU student is paired with an online success coach, or mentor, throughout their education. Here are some examples: introduction to law enforcement, introduction to criminal justice, criminological theory, and criminal justice ethics. Many courses allow students to test classroom learning through experience in the community.

Internships are not actually required, however, and students can choose to focus on an optional Senior Honors Thesis instead. UNO's optional thesis project can make taken for credits and allows individual students to develop their own independent research project alongside UNO faculty. Photo Caption: This is a great online degree program for students who are also working while taking courses at the university.

Studying Criminal Justice within a liberal arts-specific degree is advantageous for students who wish to incorporate advanced critical thinking into the future of criminal justice. With a comprehensive understanding of ethics, sociology, and psychology, BSCJ students at CU Online can take their degree to a new level and begin their Master's degree for Criminal Justice at the same.

UC Online students additionally benefit from the BACJ internship requirement, which would allow students to work, paid or unpaid, and receive college credit for their experience. For example, 45 hours of working through a degree-related job site is worth one semester credit hour.

Criminal Justice Technology (CIP 43.0104)

Photo Caption: The University of Colorado teaches students the modern perspective on today's criminal justice system and how to apply this knowledge to the field. Pennsylvania State University cover an online BS in Criminal Justice where students can complete their credit degrees from anywhere in the world. Penn State students can also take an 18 credit Homeland Security Minor, which may allow them to find employment within public and private security agencies. Photo Caption: Many students have internships during the criminal justice program and some even get hired full time after graduation!

The University of Oklahoma Norman offers a nationally-ranked BS in Criminal Justice for online students interested in graduating with an accelerated track. Although UO's accelerated BS is completable within 18 months, most students graduate in 2 - 3 years.

The Best Online Colleges in North Carolina

The 18 month achievement is possible due to the length of OU's online classes, which are only eight weeks long, or half of a semester. Students can enroll in classes held at different times in the semester in order to take a larger course load each semester, although, OU advises students to plan ahead with an advisor before doing so. Photo Caption: This is a fast paced program that students are able to finish in as little as 18 months.

Liberty University offers an online BS in Criminal Justice for students who are focused on developing strong leadership within professional judiciary agencies later on. LU's Criminal Justice degree requires students to graduate with credits where up to 75 percent of credits can be transferred from a different university. Each online class is eight weeks long and students typically graduate within four years. According to LU's website , recent BSCJ graduates are now employed as criminal psychologists, caseworkers, police detectives, and law enforcement officers. Photo Caption: The average completion time for a criminal justice degree at Liberty University is only 3.

Fort Hays State University offers, both, a BA or BS in Criminal Justice while offering beneficial certificates to students hoping to work professionally within the criminal justice industry. Required courses include Introduction to Criminal Justice and Criminology. Each certification acts as a degree minor, although they do not act alone as individual programs.

Each certification requires 12 credit hours and provides 6 - 12 different 3-credit courses per category. Photo Caption: A degree from Fort Hays State University will open up doors for students looking to go into local, state, and federal criminal justice sectors.

Criminal justice internships are also offered within the university to work for departments such Classes begin every fall, spring, and summer. Online enrollment is available for U. Photo Caption: This degree focuses on not only criminal justice studies, but also victim studies in criminal justice. The University of Nebraska at Kearney offers a top-rated BS in Criminal Justice with a traditional credit undergraduate curriculum.

The difference between either option is how the CJ Comprehensive allows Criminal Justice majors to expand the amount of major-specific coursework they can take for their degree; while CJ Majors are required to choose a secondary major and incorporate a more diverse curriculum into their BS.

Criminal Justice at High Point University - Best North Carolina Colleges

UNK stands out amongst other U. Photo Caption: Sworn in police officers may receive up to a 30 percent tuition discount while attending the University of Nebraska at Kearney. There are also options for students to continue their education with additional CJ certifications or earning an MS in Criminal Justice. Photo Caption: University of Massachusetts offers a honors society for students who are apart of the online school community, Alpha Sigma Lambda. Photo Caption: This program is designed to make sure students who have full time jobs can complete their degree in sufficient time.

Washington State University offers online students an opportunity to earn a BS in Criminal Justice at one of the oldest criminal justice programs in the United States. WSU was founded in and has continued to uphold high standards of education as an accredited university through the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. Students are also able to incorporate electives such as Criminal Law, Multicultural Society, and Violence Toward Women into their undergraduate curriculum.

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Students are given virtual mentors and able to chat with professors online for extra assistance. Prospective WSU students with a 3. Photo Caption: Students can tour the online university before enrolling and beginning classes at Washington State University.

List of all Criminal Justice Colleges in North Carolina

Today, the UNC system encompasses 17 public universities. There are also around 58 public community colleges, as well as more than 30 private colleges. North Carolina recorded a population of around 9. With more than , crimes reported to authorities that year, the state maintains a crime index of around , The greatest crimes committed involved property crimes , , larceny and theft , , burglary , , and violent crimes 38, With these statistics, North Carolina ranks 6th in the country in property crimes, 12th in murders, 41st in forcible rapes, 13th in robberies, 20th in aggravated assaults, 1st in burglaries, 10th in larceny, and 21st in vehicle thefts.

Central Piedmont Community College : Students in the Charlotte area who seek to earn an associate degree in criminal justice can turn to Central Piedmont Community College.

For those who wish to continue their education, CPCC provides resources and support to guide students into their next academic phase. Students of Appalachian State account for one-third of the city and county managers in North Carolina, casting a wide net of alumni contacts for other graduates of the program. Appalachian State also offers a distance learning program for students in Hickory, N. Western Carolina University : Western California University offers traditional and online criminal justice programs.

For students hoping to enter a criminal justice program in North Carolina, Western University is an affordable option that offers a choice between traditional and virtual learning environments. The criminal justice program at UNC Charlotte has been ranked the 17th most productive criminal justice department in the country.

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