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Instead, the solution I use is a bit more in internet terms antiquated Unfortunately, even there the results are still less than perfect, however the web-based search suffers from the mentioned 'anomalies' much less frequently than the search that I believe has been provided in their own client since as early as maybe version 4. Is it possible to find in which room a user is logged into? I have only a username from an instant message. How can I trace this person to locate identity or email address? It depends on the service In general it's pretty useless, and there's nothing else.

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Move on with your life. Leo, Hi, Do you have a data base of all your answers to peoples post's that you have replied to?

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I cannot preview my post because it says my javascript is turned off, how do i turn it on? If you use the Google Search box on every page, you'll be searching both. And since you posted, and posting requires javascript also, I'll assume you managed to turn that on All i can do is put in a first name and all it brings up is first names I hate the new profile and yahoo member directory, why dont they leave things alone?

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Archived from the original on September 21, December 16, In early , after the appointment of Scott Thompson as CEO, rumors began to spread about looming layoffs. The results include news headlines, images from Flickr, business listings, local weather and links to other sites. November 28, Send an email to the contact for whom you are searching. Archived from the original on November 15,

This person is trying 2 scam me and she claims 2 be from akure ondo nigeria want 2 know who it is so they can be reported. Jenny There's really not much you can do to stop or find out who is trying to scam you. What you can do is to block that person from being able to contact you. I have a yahoo. How do I search for similar yahoo.

Boo There is no search function for that. As a long shot, you might try Googling their name or searching their name in Facebook. I've occasionally found people that way. That's not something I can help with. Usually my Messenger profile is invisible to everybody.

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Lately I don't use my messenger that much but I am not receiving the offline messages that sent to my self. I mean I accidentally noticed that today.

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I just want to know if somebody else is accessing for sure. Anyway, I have changed the password but I still really curious if it possible to know if somebody else is actually accessing my emails There should be link at the bottom with text like this: Last account activity: 45 minutes ago on this computer.

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Details The details link will open a pop up that will have the IP address and timestamp for your last few logins. Also suggest skimming this for Gmail: friedbeef. Why do people up-vote an answer like this that doesn't answer the question? After logging into your yahoo account, go to your "Account Information" page from the top right below your name ; You will be again asked for your password.

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When the page opens, click on the link "View your recent sign-in activity" under Sign-In and Security section; A new page will be opened, on which you can view the details of signing 'time', 'date', 'location' and 'type of login'; And after you find any kind of misbehavior with your account, you can contact the Customer Care below on the same page. I hope it is helpful to you. Alex Looking to understand which API is best for a certain task? A new study uses…. Featured on Meta.

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