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With support from her community and mentors, she made it to Silicon Valley and competed as a semi-finalist, learning about other youth businesses and networking with employees of large tech companies along the way. He plans to study chemistry as a freshman at Harvard University in the fall. Inspired to find a solution, Lily used moldable plastic to develop a prototype that was more stable and comfortable to use. The Kangaroo Cup can be used by individuals who suffer from muscular control issues, as well as young children. With the help of her father, she launched a crowdsourcing campaign and eventually raised enough funds to help bring the Kangaroo Cup to market.

She launched product directly to the market on the crowdfunding sites Indiegogo and Kickstarter, where she successfully pre-sold more than 10, cups. She is the youngest member of the Catalyze Chicago's Hardware Incubator. Virgin Islands Under-represented minorities make up only 9. Determined to demonstrate that hard work and dedication can trump statistics, Elena L. Christian Jr.

High School in the U. Their commitment has paid off, with teams qualifying and competing in the national finals four out of the last five years. Their proposal was one of only five that was accepted. The team will be contending in the competition in Nevada this June. She computationally modeled algae growth in order to optimize that phase of the biofuel production process. Then she began work as a National Science Foundation Young Scholar, investigating how to convert a particular extremophile algae from Yellowstone into biofuel, with promising results.

She found her algae holds the potential to fuel an energy positive wastewater treatment system, and also demonstrated lower cost conversion of the algae to fuel, compared to traditional methods. Her work earned her a place at the Supercomputing expo in Los Alamos. Natalie Ng, 19 Cupertino, CA Harnessing the power of Precision Medicine, Natalie Ng developed two micro-RNA-based prognostic models that can predict metastasis in breast cancer, and identified two micro-RNAs that independently impact the ability of breast cancer cells to metastasize.

Breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer diagnosed in women worldwide, according to the latest WHO report. A frustrating reality about cancer is that even when initial hormonal treatment seems to work, metastatic cancer cells can survive and spread to distant sites in the body.

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Therefore, accurate prediction of metastatic outcome, such as with the aid of genetic signatures, can significantly improve the ability to predict the recurrence risk and to devise appropriate treatment strategies for individual cancer patients. She developed a one-square centimeter carbon nanofiber electrode-based biosensor that has the potential to improve cardiac health diagnostics for patients around the world.

She has competed at the California State Science Fair every year, and has won 18 category and special awards for scientific research. After graduation, Ruchi intends to major in materials science and engineering, and hopes to pursue a career as a technology entrepreneur. The students experimented with materials that could withstand pressure and unique construction shapes to find a building design that would be both cost effective and structurally sound.

Their hyperbolic bamboo creation takes on a paraboloid shape, inspired by the shape of Pringle chips, and uses bamboo — a fast growing renewable resource that is easily accessed by most in the region. The team won first place in the National eCybermission competition — a U. For him, exposure to water supplies that are potentially contaminated with these substances could be a matter of life and death. Using chitosan, a polymer that can be derived from the shells of crustaceans, he and his teammates developed a bio-filter system to remove antibiotic drugs from drinking water. The team tested different forms of commercially available chitosan and also created their own from natural sources: crabs.

Their promising research could help solve the growing problem of antibiotics in the water sources. Mallory Kievman, 16 Manchester, CT Hiccups are a nuisance for most, and a little-known side effect of chemotherapy, kidney dialysis, anesthesia, and other medical treatments—affecting quality of life for already-suffering patients. After enduring recurring bouts of hiccups over an extended period in the 7th grade, Mallory Kievman researched the physiology of hiccups and the associated folk remedies that have persisted over time.

Mallory identified three approaches that worked to soothe her own hiccups: consuming apple cider vinegar, consuming sugar, and sucking on a lollipop.

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AOL Music. The suites in Benfer alternated between male and female. Request a copy online. Published in February. All videos are hosted by 3rd party websites.

Her creation appears to work by over-stimulating a set of nerves in the throat and mouth that may be responsible for the hiccup reflex arc. Her work earned her the honor of ringing the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange and presenting at the Inc. Further research to test the efficacy of her invention is being conducted in Their app concept was chosen from more than 1, submissions by a panel of judges, ultimately earning the team a place as one of 8 National Winners of the Verizon Innovative App Challenge. Over the next few months, trainers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT Media Lab will give the team onsite and virtual training on coding and app development, helping them to publish the app.

Upon blowing onto a miniature sensor in the wristband, the presence of ethanol triggers an analog voltage charge that is converted into a light-emitting diode LED reaction. Easily discernible colors indicate blood alcohol results to the wearer; green indicates the user is safe to drive below legal limit BAC , and red indicates the user is not safe to drive above legal limit BAC.

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The wristband is designed to be an appealing, viable option for adults and of-age college students who wish to drink responsibly. The team is currently working to file a utility patent, with at least one company expressing interest in a licensing agreement. Joseph Santana, 12; Sophia Nobles, 11 Tampa and Land O Lakes, FL A team of Florida grade schoolers set out to find a renewable way of generating safe drinking water from ocean water — currently a costly process.

The team designed WateRenew, a conceptual system that uses wing-like structures to harness energy from the vacillating hydroelectric forces of the underwater swells.

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WateRenew converts energy from the elliptical motion of waves into electrical energy that can power desalination of ocean water into drinking water. Lilianna Zyszkowski, 14 Norfolk, CT Driven to invent things that help people, 9th grader Lilianna Zyszkowski developed a series of inventions that use networked sensors to "mind" things for people. The PillMinder was created with a grandparent in mind. It uses capacitive touch sensors, LED lights and a networked microcontroller to remind people to take their medications on schedule. The device also alerts caregivers via Twitter and SMS whether the proper pills have been taken on time.

Her second invention, Dolphin Swim Goggles, was inspired by a swim teammate's concussion and. Nathan Han, 16 Boston, MA Nathan Han developed a machine-learning software tool to study mutations of a gene linked to breast cancer. Nathan was awarded the Gordon E. He enjoys reading, Ping-Pong, and has been playing the violin since kindergarten. Sierra Seabrease, 15 Baltimore, MD Sierra Seabrease, a Baltimore high-school sophomore, transformed an old, deserted piano into a fully functioning jukebox that pulls songs from an ever-changing Spotify playlist.

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Sierra continually updates both the appearance and functionality of the Jukebox Piano. Most recently, she used LEDs, a microphone, and other technology to create interactive lights that correspond to the music being played. Sirerra is a founder of and active participant in the Makerettes, a group that aims to expand the role of young women within the larger Baltimore tech community.

The project examined and concurrently compared the growth of ice crystals aboard the ISS and concurrently during a ground-truthing experiment on Earth, at their school. Originally scheduled for an October launch, the students experienced a set-back when the rocket carrying their experiment exploded a few seconds after take-off.

The students regrouped and were able to recreate their experiment, which successfully launched in January and returned to Earth in February Alternatively, call them at You can also order a complementary phone book from Dex media. Alternatively, call to request a book by phone.

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Learn why people trust wikiHow. Co-authored by wikiHow Staff Updated: October 31, Learn more Request a copy online. Go to the FrontierPages request page and fill out the form to request your phone book. They will ask you for your name and business name if applicable , your address, city, state, and zip code, plus your phone number and your email address. FrontierPages is starting to remove residential white pages listings from their directories. Call them. To order your Frontier telephone directory by phone, you can call If you want the supplemental residential white pages listing, be sure to ask for it specifically.

Use the online directory. You can use the FrontierPages online directory to search for people and businesses, to get directions, and to perform reverse phone call searches. To find a person, you'll need a last name and preferably a first name as well , and the zip code where they live. Order one online.

Go to the Dex Media directory store. You can either select your state from the map, or put in your city, state, and directory type to search for different directories they provide, such as the SuperPages, which is a directory that combines yellow pages the business directory and white pages residential listings. Call to order a phone book. Dex Media provides one free directory to landline subscribers with Verizon, [2] FairPoint, and Frontier.

You can order one by calling them at Use their online phone directory.